Tips To Help You Avoid Cowboy House Builders In Whangarei

Tips To Help You Avoid Cowboy House Builders In Whangarei

Too many have fallen prey to the cowboy builder after shopping around for the cheap house builders for a project. Cowboy builders, usually individuals posing as builders lacking any formal training or qualifications who complete sub-standard work, often charge inflated prices for essentially ruining your project! Breckon Builders Limited are reputable house builders in Whangarei, here to help you spot (and avoid) cowboy builders before it’s too late.


The first and easiest way to spot a cowboy builder is by asking for references. No matter who you choose as your contractor, always ask for references and follow through with checking them. Often, a cowboy builder will dodge requests for references and be unable to show you any of their previous work.

Door To Door

If someone is going door-to-door trying to drum up building work, chances are they are not a legit operation. Someone who happens to have spotted work that needs to be done on your home or offers you cheap work done with leftover materials are examples of potential cowboy builders to be avoided at all costs.

Estimates That Seem Too Good To Be True

Cowboy builders often lure you in with enticingly low estimates. Always compare quotes from more than one builder. If a quote seems way lower than others, it’s likely been quoted with inferior materials or will skyrocket as soon as the builder starts working on the project and uncovers “unforeseen costs”.

Working Off The Books

If a builder is looking for cash payment, avoiding VAT or won’t give you a proper quote, it speaks volumes to how unprofessional the operation is. Legitimate businesses don’t operate with sketchy practices.

Payment Upfront 

Reputable builders should be able to source materials and be paid on the completion of the project, or in stages at the very least. Anyone expecting to be paid the full amount upfront is likely a cowboy builder, not to be trusted.

House Builders You Can Trust

As reputable house builders in Whangarei, Breckon Builders Limited is happy to answer any questions you may have about renovations or new builds. With a team that has amassed years of experience in the construction industry, we are fully registered and certified builders. Feel free to contact our team to request a free quote. We look forward to speaking with you!